Sari M. Design Studio

We are a small design studio situated in Tampere, Finland – we create, innovate and solve problems. Our office was established in 2004, and changed its name in 2019 from Indigoona Design Design to Sari M Design Studio. Sari M. Design Studio is driven by a desire to create unique, products and spaces.


What we do

Interior Design

Product Design


Our clients

Fimlab Laboratoriot Oyj

Roidu Oy/ FINAVIA OY, product and interior design

Tampereen Yliopisto, interior design

Jis Automation, interior design

Tredu, interior design

Tampereen Kaupunki, interior design

Terveystalo Premium, interior design 

Netrauta Finland Oy, interior design 

LEIYA products, product design

Touhula päiväkodit /Ipanala, interior design

VR, interior design

Helsingin Kaupunki

Kanta-Hämeen keskussairaala, interior design

TAMK, interior design