NUOTTI candleholder // by Aatos // 2020

  Nuotti candleholder have positively bubbly appearance but still minimalistic and timeless look. Got its inspiration from the tones of forms. Every size have its own melody and sculptural appearance and together they create interesting voiced cluster. Made of painted metal. Available in two colours black and brown


LYYTI collection // by Aatos // 2020

  Lyyti is a collection of serving and cutting boards,they can be used for chopping for example bread, cheese, vegetables etc. as well as serving the whole meal or side dishes.Trails gives distinctive and graphic pattern to surface of solid wood. Trails also collect the crumbs


MURU – cabinet // product design 2019

  Muru is a sustainable cabinet designed particularly for homes. It ́s suitable for e.g. hallways, kitchens, and living rooms. Muru cabin is marked by its minimalistic design. Cabinet detail - Routed finger pulls gives unique look for the cabinet. Cabin is made of mdf-boards. Manufacturer

MURU – bench // product design // 2019

  PROTEST DESIGN The Muru bench is made of the left-over material of CLT production that would otherwise be scrapped. It`s eco-friendly product and it is also a responsible choice in the fight against climate change. Muru is a sustainable bench designed particularly for homes. It ́s suitable for e.g.