Sari Matikka

Sari is a Finnish interior architect SIO and product designer, graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences (BA, interior architecture) in 2010 and Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences (BA, industrial designer) in 2000.

Sari works on different design related projects including furniture, accessories, lamps, innovation, device and interior design. She gets inspired by all the innovation subjects like new materials and manufacture techniques.

Her designs stands for simplicity, functionality and inventiveness. She stays curious, designs, imagines and keeps simple lines.

Sari Matikka

LEIYA products 

Sari is founder of design brand LEIYA products, which manufactures and sells everyday design products. Products are designed for homes and workplaces – or any other place where the functionality and beauty of things – their true value – matters.

Brands products are sold in Formverk, World of The, MANO and Kotikalustamo.




Nordic Design Competition, “Sustainable chair”

 Dansk Design Center

Was chosen one of the Finnish finalists, Muru bench, 2018



Member of Design On Tampere

Design OnTampere is an association of local designers, founded in 2010.  Design On Tampere (DOT) promotes design and city culture at Tampere and Pirkanmaa region.


Member of Ornamo and SIO

Ornamo Art and Design Finland is an expert organisation for designers. Ornamo advances the profession of designers and promotes the role of design in society. ORNAMO is the Finnish Association of Interior Architects SIO is a professional association established in 1949.